The 2019 Fall Field trial has been canceled.


SUSQUEHANNA BHC Spring Field Trial

Wyoming Valley BC

27 & 28 April, 2019

FT Chairman Ellen Ripper

FT Secretary A. Kenneth Engle

Open All Age Dogs 6 entries

Judges: Bruse Mosier & Blair Faust

 1.  Soundtrack Sword and Stone 

     Claudia Orlandi & Guillermo Gonzales

2.  Engle’s K-D King Melcor

    Albert K. Engle

3.  Ch Soundtrack Superstitous Feeling

    Miriam Tefts 

4.  Soundtrack Sorcerer’s Apprentice

       Miriam Tefts

NBQ. Soundtract I Put A Spell On You 

             Miriam Tefts                                                                                   


Champion Class (non-regular) 12 entries

Judges: Bruse Mosier & Blair Faust

 1.  DC Vision Cloverhill Charleston Chew MHE

       Belinda Lampher, Nancy Richmond & Denise Rushworth

 2.  FC Vision Itsy Bitsy Vanila Cream of Cloverhill

      Nancy Richmond, Claudia Orlandi & Guillermo Gonzales

3.   DC Soundtrack Spellbound, RI

      Miriam Tefts

4.  FC Soundtrack Smashing Pumpkins

      Miriam Tefts

NBQ.  GFC Matie’s Semi-Sweet Riesling

               James & Melissa Phelps

Open All Age Bitches 16 entries

Judges: Bruse Mosier & Blair Faust

1.  Vision Cloverhill Caramel Cream

     Mary Getman & Judy Tuck

2.  Soundtrack Gotta Have Faith

     Miriam & Michael Tefts

 3.Vision Topfield-Lebrera Jelly Belly

           Nancy Richmond. Claudia Orlandi & Guillermo Gonzalez

4.  Soundtrack Pandora’s Box

     Miriam Tefts

      NBQ. Matie’s Rose of Isabella

                  James & Melissa Phelps

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